4 Temporary Solutions to Troubleshoot a Starter Motor Failure

Hacks You Can Try Before Heading to the Repair Shop

The starter motor is an electric motor that cranks the engine to start. Typically, starter motor issues will manifest when your engine has a delayed response as you step on the gas, you hear a strange noise when you start your motor, you see smoke coming from underneath your engine, or you see the lights inside your car not turning off.

If you suspect that your vehicle is suffering from starter motor failure, Kids Car Donations shares some hacks you can try to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Check under the hood.

Check your battery and cables to see if everything is connected properly and if the cables aren’t damaged. Your cables could be the culprit instead of the starter.

  1. Tap the starter.

Give your starter a slight tap to help it power back up, much like your old television when it’s acting up. This little trick could help boost the electrical components when they get in contact with each other. This is only a temporary solution though. You should still have your car checked by your mechanic even if you succeed with the hack.

  1. Adjust your transmission.

If your car’s automatic transmission won’t start even though it’s in the park setting, try starting it in neutral. If it works on neutral, there may be a technical problem with the neutral safety switch.

  1. Jumpstart your car.

Jumpstart your car and wait for it to come to life. If this doesn’t work, get your car towed and let your mechanic repair or replace your starter motor.

These hacks could work albeit temporarily, but you still need to get your car serviced by a professional to rule out any potential damage that could endanger your safety on the road.


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