4 Red Flags of Cerebral Palsy To Watch Out For

4 Red Flags of Cerebral Palsy to Watch Out For

Cerebral palsy is a childhood disorder that affects the movements and motor skills of its sufferers, causing them to exhibit clumsy and uncoordinated actions.

Although the exact cause of cerebral palsy remains a mystery, scientists believe that it stems from brain defects while the child is still in the womb or complications on the mother’s health during pregnancy.

World Cerebral Palsy Day is observed every first Wednesday of October to heighten people’s awareness of this condition. The annual event is also a day to focus on the lives of the millions of people around the world who are living with this disorder and to extend a helping hand to them.


What are the 4 Red Flags of Cerebral Palsy to Watch Out For?

Cerebral palsy is not easy to diagnose. However, signs could manifest as early as a few months into the baby’s life – with missed milestones being one of the early signs. It’s important to note though that missing certain milestones does not automatically mean that the baby has cerebral palsy.

Kids Car Donations shares the four red flags of cerebral palsy to watch out for:

1. Improper muscle tone

Normally, a person’s muscles contract and relax simultaneously. However, kids with cerebral palsy struggle with uncoordinated movements because their muscles don’t contract and relax at the same time. For instance, when their trunk muscles relax too much, they find it impossible to sit or stand.

2. Abnormal posture

The symmetrical posture of a baby without cerebral palsy is exhibited by bent legs that mirror one another when they’re in a sitting position. On the other hand, babies with cerebral palsy maintain postures that are asymmetrical. For example, when they bend their leg, one will bend inward at the hip while the other will bend outward. This red flag can be detected when the baby becomes old enough to sit up and move about.

3. Affected ability to balance

A child with cerebral palsy could also struggle with the impairment of their gross motor function. For instance, they won’t be able to sit unsupported. Other signs of balance impairment include swaying when standing as well as walking unsteadily.

4. Impaired motor function

Cerebral palsy also affects the child’s ability to master tasks that require both physical and mental skills. These tasks include clutching small objects, using coloring materials such as crayons, turning book pages, and holding an object between the forefinger and thumb.


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Cerebral palsy affects thousands of babies. Statistics show that around 10,000 babies are born with cerebral palsy each year. The sad part is that some of these babies are born in families that don’t have the financial means to treat or manage their condition.

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