4 Red Flags of a Cracked or Blown Head Gasket

Catch the Warning Signs of a Bad Head Gasket Before It’s Too Late!

“You have a blown head gasket.” It won’t be a surprise if car owners who hear these dreaded words from their trusted technicians would immediately start seeing huge dollar signs in their minds. It’s only natural that they would worry about labor-intensive and costly repairs while feeling guilty about not catching the problem quickly enough before it became too late.

The head gasket of a motor vehicle seals the engine cylinder’s firing pressure. While the head gasket seals in cylinder pressure, coolant, and engine oil running through casting ports, it also has to withstand the stresses of its two surfaces that are expanding, shrinking, warping, and rubbing. If you have a bad head gasket, the coolant and engine oil will leak into the cylinders and to the outside, causing more serious car problems.


Watch Out for the Warning Signs of a Blown Head Gasket!

Recognizing the warning signs of a head gasket issue can be challenging. However, identifying and troubleshooting these common symptoms will enable you to keep your vehicle running longer and better. To help you out, Kids Car Donations has compiled a list of the warning signs of potential head gasket issues.

  1. White smoke from the tailpipe

Since the head gasket keeps the coolant flowing through the engine’s coolant channels, a blown head gasket won’t stop the coolant from seeping into the combustion chambers next to the coolant channels. Consequently, liquid burns along with gasoline and produces billowing clouds of sweet-smelling white smoke from the tailpipe.

  1. Loss of engine power

The engine cylinder’s compression is reduced when a failed head gasket lets compressed air and fuel escape. The engine runs rough and loses power significantly as a result of this loss of compression. The sound of an exhaust leak usually accompanies this type of failure.

  1. External leaks

An oil or coolant leak can occur if the cylinder head gasket has blown between the passage for water and oil and the outside of the engine. While not quite as serious as a blown head gasket, this is still extremely serious.

While an external leak may not seem a big deal, it can cause serious engine issues if the coolant level drops too far. In addition, the oil leaking from the engine could also produce acrid smoke and possibly start a fire if it gets on the hot exhaust.

  1. Oil contamination

The presence of milky sludge on the underside of the oil filler cap or the dipstick may be a sign of a head gasket failure. This happens when the coolant gets into the oil and vice versa. To find out if this is a head gasket issue, you need to take your engine apart to figure out what’s wrong.

This will result in the antifreeze contaminating the oil, so any driving will ruin the bearings. To fix it, you’ll need at least an oil flush and a replacement oil filter. Sometimes the engine bottom end needs to be completely disassembled to inspect the bearings and clean any contaminated oil.

Driving with a blown head gasket will cause permanent damage to your engine. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above while on the road, pull over, stop, and have your car towed to the repair shop.

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