Ease the Burden of Ailing Kids in Your City

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Whether you were born and raised in Long Beach, Long Island, NY, or are a new resident, you’ll probably agree that this oceanfront city is one of the best places to live in America. Although it’s a big city, Long Beach has small-town charms. However, the best thing about this place is that its residents are generally known for being caring and compassionate.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Long Beach is home to 34,778 people (as of the latest 2021 census). Children and teens make up 14% of its population.

Sadly, some of these kids are suffering from serious illnesses and disabilities. Those from low-income families need all the help they can get to overcome their afflictions.

You can reach out to these youngsters by donating any vehicle you no longer need to us at Kids Car Donations. When you take part in our Long Beach, Long Island car donation program, you’ll help restore or improve their health.


Learn More About Long Beach

Located in Nassau County, Long Beach is known for its iconic boardwalk and powdery, white sand beaches. This oceanfront city is a great place for the family: It has many kid-friendly attractions such as the Long Island Children’s Museum, Liddle Bites, I.FLY Trapeze, Partyful and The Little Gym of Rockville Centre. Some of the top children’s hospitals in the state include Northwell Health’s Cohen Children’s Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Children’s Hospital-Columbia and Cornell, and Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Long Beach is also home to poverty-stricken children. In fact, about 9.9% of children live below the poverty level. 


How Your Donation Will Help Your City’s Sick and Disadvantaged Youngsters

We at Kids Car Donations believe that every child, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic, and educational background, deserves to have the best quality of life. We show our commitment to serving the youth in various communities by operating vehicle donation programs on behalf of like-minded nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to helping boys and girls stricken with life-threatening diseases or life-limiting disabilities.

Upon receipt of your donated vehicle, we’ll have it sold at auction. The money raised will go toward the life-saving programs and services of our nonprofit partners, helping them provide medical assistance to more underprivileged youth in Long Beach, Long Island, NY.

Thus, with your help, they can receive free comprehensive and quality medical assistance, including emotional support, as well as relief of pain and trauma. They’ll also receive other essential health care services such as access to free educational and social service resources.


The Rewards You’ll Get from Your Long Beach, Long Island Car Donation

Here are the best rewards that will come your way when you take part in our Long Beach, Long Island car donation program:

  • Towing is 100% free!

We’ll have a licensed towing company pick up your auto donation no matter where it’s parked or stored. Best of all, there’s no need for you to pull out your credit card to pay for the towing service because the towing fee is on us.

We work with IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. For this reason, vehicle donations made through us are 100% tax-deductible. Since our team will go above and beyond to get your car sold for its highest possible price, you’ll be able to claim the maximum tax deduction when you file your itemized federal income tax return in the next tax season.

  • You’ll experience immense satisfaction!

After breezing through our convenient donation process, you’ll experience a deep sense of personal satisfaction, knowing that you’re giving the sick children in your city a chance to live healthier lives.


A Closer Look at Our Hassle-Free Donation Process

Besides enjoying meaningful rewards, be glad to know that our donation process is simple and quick. We make it easy for you to help make life better for the ailing children and teens in your city. Here’s how you can donate a car for charity in Long Beach, Long Island, NY:

  • STEP 1. Contact us.

You have two options to get in touch with us. You can either call us at 866-634-8395 to speak to one of our donation specialists, or you can fill out our online donation form here. We’ll need your contact details, your vehicle’s year, make, model, current mileage, VIN, and a brief description of its condition.

  • STEP 2: Choose the best date, time, and place for your vehicle’s pickup.

Once we’ve verified the information you’ve shared with us, we’ll ask you to give us your preferred date, time, and place for picking up your vehicle. We’ll send a licensed tow truck to haul it off your property at no cost to you.

  • STEP 3: Receive your tax-deductible receipt by mail.

After selling your car through auction, we’ll mail to you your 100% tax-deductible sales receipt. You’ll need this receipt to claim your tax deduction.

If you want to know more about our vehicle donation program, check out our FAQs page. You can also call us through our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 866-634-8395 or write to us here. We’ll respond to you as soon as we can.


The Vehicles that Qualify in Our Program

You can donate almost all types of vehicles regardless of their age or condition. We accept vehicles even if they’re rusty and outdated. Don’t be shy if your auto has a big dent or a few minor scratches. In most cases, we even accept vehicles that are no longer roadworthy.

Just call us at 866-634-8395 if you’re having reservations about your vehicle’s current state, and we’ll promptly give you feedback if it’s qualified for donation.

Meanwhile, look over this list of the different types of vehicles that we welcome in our Long Beach, Long Island car donation program:

  • Cars: sedans, luxury cars, coupes, convertibles, hybrids, sports cars, wagons, hatchbacks
  • Vans: family minivans, camper vans, cargo vans, passenger vans
  • SUVs: compact, midsize, full-size or crossover versions
  • Motorcycles: touring bikes, cruisers, scooters, off-road bikes, mopeds, sports bikes, choppers
  • Trucks: box trucks, pickup trucks extended cab pickup, panel trucks, refrigerator trucks, tank trucks
  • Boats: fishing boats, sailboats, tugboats, speedboats, houseboats, cruise ships, catamarans, pontoon boats, yachts
  • Specialized vehicles: riding lawnmowers, motorized wheelchairs
  • Fleet vehicles: SUVs, pickups, trucks, buses, cars, passenger vans, cargo vans, limousines, ambulances, taxicabs
  • Recreational vehicles: noncommercial planes, campers, travel trailers, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, RVs, motorhomes, pop-up trailers, ATVs
  • Work-related vehicles: construction vehicles, tractors and farm equipment, buses, large trucks, landscaping vehicles


Turn Your Unwanted Auto into a Lifesaver Today!

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You can give the impoverished children in your city access to life-saving treatment and other services they badly need. Once we receive your Long Beach, Long Island car donation, we’ll make sure that it will benefit those kids. Call Kids Car Donations at 866-634-8395 or fill out our secure online donation form now! We serve all of New York City, including nearby Long Island and Queens.

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