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Join Louisville, Kentucky Car Donations to Give Critically Ill Kids a Fighting Chance to Live

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Have you driven your old faithful to its bitter end? When the cost to have it repaired comes close to its fair market value, you start to wonder about how you can get rid of it. Before you decide to sell it, scrap it, or pass it on to a relative or a friend, consider donating it to Kids Car Donations through our Louisville, Kentucky car donations program.

When you team up with us, you’ll be setting yourself for the most convenient and stress-free way to get your hands off a vehicle that you no longer want or need. Aside from that, you’ll also enable children and teenagers who have been diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions to improve their chances of having better health outcomes. What could be any better than the classic win-win solution that your vehicle donation will surely bring?


Who We Are and What We Do

Kids Car Donations operates vehicle donation programs on behalf of our IRS-certified 501(c)3 nonprofit partners so that we can raise the money they need to cover their operational costs while delivering critical programs and services for the benefit of ailing and disadvantaged children and teens in communities throughout the United States. The services they deliver include comprehensive medical assistance, emotional support, and relief of pain and trauma during hospital confinement. All their programs are aimed at promoting children’s care, advocacy, research, and education.

Once you donate a vehicle to us, we make sure that every cent goes to these programs. We do this because we believe that every pediatric patient – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, educational attainment, and socio-economic background – deserves to live a longer and healthier life.


The Types of Vehicle You Can Donate

The best thing about donating to us is that we’re willing to accept any type of vehicle in whatever condition it may be in – as long as it’s not abandoned or stolen. To make it possible for us to sell a vehicle at auction, we need its title or proof of ownership, which abandoned or stolen vehicles do not have.

However, in case you’ve just misplaced your vehicle’s title, call us at 866-634-8395 and we’ll gladly help you secure a duplicate copy of your title quickly so you can proceed with your donation.

Look over this list of vehicles that we welcome in our Louisville, Kentucky car donations program:

  • Cars: sedans, compact cars, coupes, luxury cars, convertibles, hybrids, sports cars
  • SUVs: compact, mid-size, full-size, crossover versions
  • Vans: cargo vans, passenger vans, family vans, minivans
  • Trucks: mobile cranes, garbage trucks, refrigerator trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, extended cabs, box trucks
  • RVs: toy haulers, folding and tent trailers, hybrid trailers, travel trailers, motorhomes, campers
  • Fleet vehicles: limousines, buses, minivans, vans, taxis, ambulances
  • ATVs: three-wheelers, four-wheelers
  • Motorcycles: scooters, mopeds, choppers, touring bikes, sports bikes, dirt bikes, off-road bikes, cruisers
  • Specialty vehicles: motorized wheelchairs, ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, riding lawnmowers
  • Work vehicles: landscaping vehicles, tractors, farm equipment, construction vehicles
  • Aircraft: gliders, noncommercial planes, helicopters
  • Water vessels: cruise ships, yachts, pontoon boats, catamarans, tugboats, sailboats, speedboats, fishing boats, motorboats


How to Join Louisville, Kentucky Car Donations

You won’t believe how easy it is to donate your old beater to Kids Car Donations. To give you an idea, check out this quick guide to our quick and painless donation process.

  • STEP 1: Get in touch with us.

You can donate your vehicle over the phone by calling us at 866-634-8395. We’ll ask you a couple of basic questions including your name and contact information as well as your vehicle’s year, make, model, mileage, availability of its title, and its working condition. You can also donate by filling out our online donation form on this website.

  • STEP 2: Schedule your fast and FREE pickup.

Once we verify the information you gave us, we’ll call you back to ask for your preferred date, time, and place for your vehicle’s FREE pickup. We’ll then assign a licensed towing company to haul off your vehicle. On the same day, you’ll be given a towing receipt that releases you from all liability on the vehicle you donated from that point forward.

  • STEP 3: Receive your tax-deductible receipt.

Your vehicle will be thoroughly assessed before we auction it off in one of the best auction houses within our network. Once sold, we’ll have your tax-deductible receipt sent to your given address by mail. You’ll need this document when you itemize your deductions on your federal tax return in the next tax season.

Feel free to visit our FAQs page to know more about our vehicle donations program. If you have questions, you may call us at 866-634-8395 any time or send us a message online.


You’ll Have Your Own Share of Rewards!

At Kids Car Donations, everybody wins. While ailing children and teenagers get to receive the help they need, we get to fulfill our mission. At the same time, once you join our Louisville, Kentucky car donations program, you’ll be rewarded with the following benefits:

  • You’ll experience a hassle-free donation process.
  • Get your hands off an unwanted vehicle at no cost to you.
  • Call the shots as to when, what time, and where you want us to pick up your donated vehicle.
  • Quit paying insurance, registration, repairs, maintenance, and storage fees.
  • Skip the hassles associated with selling a vehicle yourself.
  • Receive a healthy tax write-off in the next tax season.
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Join Louisville, Kentucky Car Donations Today!

Do you have a vehicle that you’re trying to dispose of? We encourage you to turn that useless clunker into a powerful tool that can give critically ill children a fighting chance to beat the illnesses that have afflicted them. Call us at 866-634-8395 or fill out our online donation form to take part in our Louisville, Kentucky car donations program now!

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