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Donating a car isn’t just a means to get rid of a vehicle you no longer intend to keep. Every car donation in California is also an opportunity to touch the lives of thousands upon thousands of kids across the U.S. who don’t have access to educational and social service resources, medical treatment, emotional well-being projects and quality-of-life programs. Who knew that you could do so much with an unwanted clunker?


Learn More About Los Angeles

Los Angeles has lots to offer, from the allure of Hollywood to a temperate climate and beautiful oceanfront. While, in many ways, it’s a world-class city with robust economic growth, poverty is a widespread problem — affecting nearly 30% of the area’s young children. 


How You Can Donate Your Car to Charity in Los Angeles

Donating your car to us is easy. You won’t have to do anything else except to provide us with a few basic bits of information about you and your donated vehicle. Our team will take care of everything else for your convenience. Here’s how the process works with our car donation program:

  • Start by filling out our online donation form or calling us at 866-634-8395 to give us your personal contact details and your vehicle’s year, make, model, mileage, availability of its title, and to confirm if it still runs or otherwise.
  • Next, you’ll need to pick a date and time that’s convenient for you for your vehicle’s pick-up. We’ll send out a tow truck to haul your vehicle away on the schedule designated with you.
  • Once we get our hands on your vehicle, we’ll auction it off.
  • The money that was generated from the sale will be handed over to our charity partners.
  • Check your mail within a few days after we process the sale of your vehicle because we’ll send you your tax-deductible donation receipt so that you could use it when you itemize your deductions on your federal tax return.


Vehicles You Can Donate

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Are you worried that your vehicle won’t make the cut? The good news is that we accept a wide variety of vehicle donations. Here’s a list of vehicles that we’ll gladly take off your hands:

Commuter Vehicles:

  • Cars: sedans, convertibles, coupes, sports cars
  • SUVs: compact, midsize, full-size, crossover versions
  • Trucks: extended cabs, pickups, panel, box
  • Vans: cargo, passenger, minivan

Boats, RVs, and More:

  • ATVs: three- and four-wheelers
  • Motorcycles: cruiser, chopper, scooter, off-road, sports bike
  • Boats: sailboats, speedboats, pontoon boats, tugboats, yachts, fishing boats
  • RVs: campers, motorhomes, RVs, trailers, skoolies, vans, buses
  • Other: golf carts, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, private noncommercial planes

Work-Related Vehicles:

  • Buses
  • Large trucks
  • Farm Equipment
  • Landscaping Vehicles
  • Construction vehicles

Our only requirement is for you to present your proof of ownership so that we can sell your donation at one of the best auction houses in your area. However, if you’ve misplaced your vehicle’s title, our team of title experts will gladly offer you their assistance so that you can obtain a duplicate and get on with the donation process as soon as possible.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with us to donate a car to charity by dialing 866-634-8395 now!


Your Share of Benefits

Donating your clunker means signing yourself up for a classic win-win! Donating a car in Los Angeles is a huge favor for the needy kids in your area — and for yourself, as well! If you don’t have a clue about your donation benefits, take a look at this:

  • We’ll shoulder the towing expenses!

Did we mention that towing is 100% FREE? Consider this as a token of our appreciation for your generosity! You can finally get rid of that old car without having to swipe your plastic!

  • Your donation is 100% tax-deductible!

This is definitely good news to those who want to trim down their taxable income in the next tax season. If we sell your car for more than $500, your tax deduction will be based on the amount for which it was sold. However, if we sell it for less than $500, your deduction will be determined by its final sale price or fair market value that doesn’t exceed $500.

  • Skip the need to care for a car you don’t intend to keep!

If you’ve been itching to get your hands off your clunker, we’re sure that your heart bleeds every time you spend cash for its insurance coverage, registration, repairs and maintenance.

  • Eliminate the hassles associated with selling your vehicle yourself!

You don’t really want to go through all the trouble of posting ads, taking calls, replying to emails, showing and transporting your car, and dealing with strangers who haggle, do you? We thought so.

  • Utilize your vehicle’s vacated space in the garage for storing items you actually need

Do you realize how much valuable space your unwanted vehicle takes up in your garage? It’s about time you get the biggest clutter out of your property and into our hands.

  • Feel good about yourself for giving a kid a chance to have a bright future.

When you know that you’ve helped a child or a teen, you’ll have this sense of purpose and fulfillment that nothing in the world can take away.


Make a Difference Today!

Don’t waste another minute sitting on the fence! Get rid of your unwanted vehicle today and change more lives! When you donate your car to , you can be sure you’re making the best local car donation! Call us at 866-634-8395 now!


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