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UFO Sighting | Kids Car Donations

Alien Appreciation: Best Ways to Celebrate World UFO Day

Alien Appreciation: 4 Best Ways to Celebrate World UFO Day: Feel Free to Connect with UFO Believers on July 2nd If you’ve always been fascinated with the alleged existence of aliens and life outside our world, there is no better day to connect with like-minded enthusiasts than on World UFO Day this July 2nd. World …

Kids Laughing Out Loud | Kids Car Donations

3 Ways to Celebrate International Joke Day

3 Ways to Celebrate International Joke Day Making jokes is a sure-fire way to make people laugh and have fun. Jokes help us forget our worries for a while as we let off giggles, belly laughs, or sharp expletives sometimes. In recognition of the benefits of jokes, the first day of July each year is …

Kid Showing Excitement | Kids Car Donations

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Summer Camp

These 5 Tell-Tale Signs Will Show Whether Your Kid Is Ready to Go Camping For parents, children are precious possessions who they would like to keep safe and sound at all times. There’s always this feeling of wanting to keep your babies close to home and away from harm, even though they’re technically not babies …

Family Grilling Together | Kids Car Donations

5 Useful Tips for Summer Grilling Safety

5 Useful Tips for Summer Grilling Safety: Avoid Getting Burned and Starting a Fire It feels awesome to be in front of the grill. You delight in the smell of burgers being cooked, the sizzle you see and hear as the fat drips into the flames, and of course, the taste-testing of your sausages, kebabs, …

Teenagers Singing at a Summer Camp | Kids Car Donations

How to Prepare Your Kids for Summer Camp

Top Tips to Get Your Kids Summer Camp-Ready For kids, summer camp can be pretty scary. Sure, they’re excited to meet new friends, enjoy the camp’s activities, and just have fun without you watching over their shoulders. At the same time, however, they’re probably a bit scared. It’s normal for kids to have pre-camp jitters, …

Cherry Vanilla Popsicles | Kids Car Donations

How To Make Your Own Popsicles

How to Make Your Own Popsicles If your little ones are like most kids, they wouldn’t be able to resist anything icy and sweet. Before you head down to the nearest supermarket to get any of those flavored traditional popsicles on sticks, consider making your own healthier and yummier versions of those icy treats. Homemade …

Fidget Spinner | Kids Car Donations

5 Sensory Calming Toys to Relieve Kids of Stress and Anxiety

5 Sensory Calming Toys to Relieve Kids of Stress and Anxiety Whenever we say stress, we usually think of things related to work, financial issues, or adulthood in general. We don’t normally associate stress with children. After all, how stressful can an eight-year-old child’s life be? This is a misconception that needs to be recognized …

Kid With Paint in his Hand | Kids Car Donations

How To Help Your Child Calmly Deal With Frustrations

How to Help Your Child Calmly Deal with Frustrations Life isn’t easy, especially for little kids growing up. One of the biggest obstacles they’ll eventually have to face is their own frustrations. These can cause your kid to feel helpless and demotivated. Frustrations can’t really be avoided. A kid’s world will always be an emotional …

Woman Doing Yoga | Kids Car Donations

International Yoga Day: Stay Healthy With Yoga!

Stay Healthy — Celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21st Yoga has been around for quite a while. It’s been around for more than 5,000 years and even today, millions of people around the world are practicing it. From the Sanskrit word of “yuji,” which means yoke or union, yoga is the ancient practice of …

Father Playing at the Beach with Kids | Kids Car Donations

3 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

3 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day – Make Your Dad Feel Extra Special on June 21st Father’s Day is an annual event that’s celebrated almost in every part of the world to honor fathers. In the United States, it’s celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This year, it falls on June 21st. Many …

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