Motorcycle Donations

Motorcycle Donations

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Do you have a motorcycle sitting in your garage gathering dust? Can’t find time to take it for a ride? Haven’t gotten around to making necessary repairs? Consider donating it to a life-changing organization, such as Kids Car Donations.

When you donate your motorcycle, the proceeds provide support to young boys and girls who require medical attention. Kids Car Donations works closely with nonprofits that are committed to helping these children receive the care they need.


Why Donate Your Motorcycle?

Kids Car Donations is an authentic and trustworthy car donations program that serves children throughout the United States. We take your junk cars and totaled vehicles and transform them into critical funding for development services. There are other incredible benefits to donating a motorcycle, including:

  • Time savings: We don’t hide tricky policies or surprise fees in our transactions. We make the process simple so you don’t have to take time out of a busy schedule.
  • Free towing: Towing companies can be expensive and inconvenient. Let Kids Car Donations handle the towing. Plus, no one needs to be present when the truck arrives.
  • Convenience: Finding a buyer could take weeks. By donating to Kids Car Donations — no matter the condition of the vehicle — we’ll make sure it’s sold at the best price. You can even donate a motorcycle without the title.
  • The joy of giving: Proceeds from the donation go toward medical treatment, access to educational and social services resources, mental health programs and other support plans. 

We accept vehicles in all 50 states. Earnings from your donation go directly to our nonprofit partners. We also take pride in creating an easy and hassle-free experience. You might even receive a motorcycle donation tax deduction. After you donate, a receipt will come in the mail that you can use when you file taxes for the next year.


How Does the Donation Process Work?

We work hard to make our donation system as simple and stress-free as possible.  By sparing just a few minutes, you could get rid of your old motorcycle and save on maintenance and/or storage costs. Give us a call, let us know you’re ready to donate and our expert team will take care of the details.

The process is simple:

  1. Contact us: Call us or use our online donations form to get the ball rolling. All we ask is that you provide details about the vehicle, including its manufacturer and location.
  2. Schedule a free pickup: Give us a convenient date and time to pick up the vehicle and expect our tow truck to arrive at the agreed time. The best part is that our towing services are completely free.
  3. Receive a tax-deductible receipt: Once we sell the vehicle at auction, we’ll send a receipt that you can use when filing your taxes. 

Have a question about our donations process? Check out our FAQ page!


Partnering With Kids Car Donations Saves Lives

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Ready to make a difference in the lives of children in need and donate a motorcycle to charity? Call our number at (866) 634-8395 or fill out our donations form to start the process.

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