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U.S. National Road Trip Day: 5 Fantastic Destinations for Your Next Great Adventure

Make Awesome Memories with Your Family or Friends this Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Americans to change their traveling habits. Instead of taking commercial flights to reach their destinations, they have developed a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors through long drives, camping, and road trips.

A recent survey conducted by The Vacationer showed that 80% of U.S. travelers will take road trips this year, making it the most preferred mode of travel for adventure seekers.

The Friday before Memorial Day, which happens to be May 27th this year, is celebrated in the United States as National Road Trip Day. It’s the perfect alibi to go out on your next big adventure with your family or your friends. The trip promises to provide you with great memories on the road with your loved ones while you enjoy the majestic beauty of the countryside.

If you’re planning a road trip with your family or buddies, here are some fantastic destinations that will surely leave you awestruck.

  1. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park | Kids Car Donations

If you want to marvel at the beauty of nature, a great place to visit is the Glacier National Park in Montana through its famous Going to the Sun Road. You’ll get to see waterfalls, mountains, and bears crossing the street, as well as sweeping landscapes that won’t disappoint your inner shutterbug. You can even park your car and trek a couple of miles to fully enjoy the experience.

  1. Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin | Kids Car Donations

If you’ve always been fascinated with lighthouses, you may want to include a trip to Door County, Wisconsin, as part of your road trip bucket list. You’ll find plenty of lighthouses there, with the main one being the Pottawatomie Lighthouse built way back in 1836. You can also engage in several fun activities like sea-cave kayaking, ziplining, partaking of half-pound pecan rolls at Grandma’s Swedish Bakery, or succumbing to tasty fish boils that pay homage to the area’s Scandinavian heritage.

  1. Southwest’s Best

Southwest’s Best | Kids Car Donations

Route 66 has been featured in several movies and TV shows. You pass through the iconic highway when you take a Southwest tour that covers 3,000 miles and crosses five states. You’ll pass through the grave of the Wild West’s most notorious killer John Wesley Hardin in El Paso, Texas, the world’s largest chile pepper in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Continental Divide, Route 66, and the photogenic Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

  1. The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks | Kids Car Donations

If you want to experience a road trip made for the movies, the Outer Banks of North Carolina may just be the thing for you. It has 138 miles of scenic coastal villages, photogenic lighthouses, beaches, and lots of sunshine. After getting your fill of the view, you can chill and relax at one of the Outer Banks rental homes and enjoy a cookout at sunset.

  1. Northeast Florida

Northeast Florida | Kids Car Donations

Florida is not just beaches and Disney. It also offers you quaint experiences of the sophisticated kind when you travel to St. Augustine, the oldest city in America. You’ll have a blast from the past when you visit the Castillo de San Marcos fortress and the oldest wooden schoolhouse in the United States. You can also make a stopover at the World Golf Hall of Fame.


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Help Save the Lives of Those Little Angels Today

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