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The Key Differences Between A Tantrum and A Meltdown

The Key Differences Between a Tantrum and a Meltdown: They Look Alike, But They’re Actually Different

Are you one of those people who think that tantrum and meltdown are one and the same thing? The truth is that they’re totally different.

However, when your child exhibits any of the two behaviors, it can be pretty hard to tell if they’re having a tantrum or a meltdown. If you’re not able to determine right away what is actually happening, don’t worry — you’re not the only parent out there having the same problem. Many parents are in a similar situation, especially first-timers.

Once you know the key differences between a tantrum and a meltdown, that will help you respond to your child more effectively.


Tantrum and Meltdown Defined

A tantrum occurs when a child makes an outburst in an attempt to get something they want or need. It may also happen if they’re seeking attention. They yell, roll around, scream, and do whatever it takes, no matter how inappropriate, to succeed in whatever they’re aiming for.

A meltdown is different. While a child still possesses some sort of self-control during a tantrum, such control is not present during a meltdown. The behavior usually happens when your child feels overwhelmed. This sensory overload happens when your child loses self-control, triggering a “fight or flight” response. Meltdowns can be triggered by a lot of things, including certain sounds, sights and even tastes.

Yelling, crying, screaming — all of these are the result of an overload in a child’s sensory inputs, and they don’t have a lot to say in the matter once it happens.

When a child throws a tantrum, they can usually stop it as soon as they get what they want or if they’re pleased with the resulting outcome of their action. On the other hand, a meltdown ends with the child either wearing themselves out or receiving a lesser amount of the sensory inputs that triggered the behavior. For instance, if your child is having a meltdown due to being in a crowded place, taking them to a place that has fewer people can help give them a feeling of calm and relief.

It should also be noted that meltdowns aren’t limited to children since they happen to adults as well.


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Understanding the key differences between a tantrum and a meltdown will enable you to provide your child with the necessary care and support they need. Sadly, other kids in your community need urgent care and support. These are the youngsters who are fighting off life-threatening diseases but who aren’t getting sufficient medical treatment and health care simply because their families can’t afford the cost of their treatment.

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