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National Pie Day

January 23—National Pie Day: Learn Fun Facts About America’s Favorite Traditional Dessert

Although January is the time for many of us to go on a strict diet after feasting on delicious high-calorie food during the holiday season, we need to put it on hold for one special day—January 23, a day intended to remind us of the existence of this heavenly piece of dessert we know as pie. That’s right, it’s National Pie Day!

This annual unofficial holiday is the perfect opportunity for pie lovers to proclaim their love for the sweet crusty baked dish. On this day, pie lovers excitedly make their way to their favorite diners, families gather around the dining table to indulge in grandma’s special pie while others host a fun pie party in their homes.


A Short History

In case you’re wondering who’s responsible for this fun-filled celebration, you can thank Colorado school teacher Charlie Papazian for it. He came up with the idea of declaring a National Pie Day on his January 23 birthday sometime in 1975. The reason for such a declaration? He simply loved to eat pies! Yep, that’s the only reason he’s got!

Not surprisingly with the nation’s great love for the cream-filled dish, the declaration was given a huge thumbs-up by the public.


Interesting Facts about Pie

Before you get your stomach fully stuffed with your all-time favorite pie dish, how about filling your brain first with a few fun facts about America’s traditional dessert? Take a look below to discover more facts about pies:

  • Historians say the Greeks were the ones who first whipped up the first pie pastry.
  • Fruit pies were originally eaten for breakfast in the U.S.
  • 1 in 5 Americans has eaten a whole pie by themselves, as recorded by the American Pie Council.
  • The first cookbook to be published in the country was the American Cookery by Amelia Simmons. It came out in 1796, and among the popular recipes it included were the apple and pumpkin pies.
  • Every year, nearly 186 million pies are sold in grocery stores and supermarkets.
  • Apple pie is the most popular pie flavor in the U.S.
  • Pies can be made in two ways. They can either have one crust, in which they don’t come with a top crust, or they are baked with two crusts, where the filling is enclosed within the pastry shell.
  • The typical American pie measures 20 to 25 cm in diameter, is 5 to 8 cm thick and should be round-shaped. It normally contains fillings of custard, fruits, or pastry
  • Sydney boasts of the world’s most expensive pie, which is worth $9,500. The pie is made of two whole rock lobsters, two cuts of premium beef, two bottles of Penfolds Grange Reserve, rare winter black truffles, and pastry with 24k German gold leaf.
  • Pumpkin pie is a staple during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Many would also bake it during Halloween.


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On National Pie Day, make a lasting impact in your community by extending meaningful assistance to the less fortunate children living among you. Call us at 866-634-8395 and get started with your car donation!