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International Jazz Day: Top 3 Jazz Icons of All Time

Get to Know the Innovators of Jazz on April 30th!

Did you know that jazz was birthed in New Orleans, Louisiana? Rooted in African American blues and ragtime, this harmonically sophisticated musical genre that’s primarily based on improvisation is purely an American quintessential art form.

However, jazz music is more than just a collection of complex chords and polyrhythms. It’s also viewed as a vector of freedom of expression as well as a symbol of unity, peace, mutual understanding, and tolerance. It seeks to foster social change by reducing tensions between people, groups, and communities.

For this reason, the UNESCO General Conference in 2011 designated April 30th as International Jazz Day.

If the closest thing to jazz you’ve ever listened to is Frank Sinatra, it’s about time you discover more about the innovators of this kind of music.


Who Are the Top Jazz Icons of All Time?

While it’s never easy to come up with a list of the greatest jazz artists of all time, there are a few important players who significantly helped shape the development of this genre. We at Kids Car Donations have rounded up our pick of those who managed to transcend their music to become the most iconic jazz musicians the world has ever known.

1. Louis Armstrong (1901-1971)

A native of New Orleans, Louis Armstrong was a jazz trumpeter who grew up in extreme poverty. Despite this, his love for jazz caused him to break down racial barriers as he successfully brought his music to the spotlight. Known for his trumpet sound, gravelly voice, and personality, he revolutionized jazz by popularizing scat singing.

2. Duke Ellington (1899-1974)

Known for writing more than 3,000 songs in his lifetime, it’s safe to say that Duke Ellington was one of the most important jazz greats in the history of American music. His long-running band called the Duke Ellington Orchestra made its mark in the swing era. To this day, his music lives as hundreds of his compositions have become part of standard jazz music repertoire.

3. Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996)

Multi-awarded Ella Fitzgerald was a prominent figure in the history of jazz music. Aside from being bright and breezy, her singing can be best described as fun and incredibly swinging. Along with Louis Armstrong, she was best known for popularizing jazz scat singing.


Make a Difference in Your Community by Touching Young Lives

Since its birth in 1895, jazz music has made an incredible impact on the lives of countless people. Its influence has touched everything from poetry and fashion to the Civil Rights movement.

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More than these material benefits, your gift will allow you to experience the priceless feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you’ll be helping ailing kids regain their energy and vitality.

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