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How To Spot An Inexperienced Babysitter

3 Telltale Signs You Should Watch Out For

For most busy parents, trying to find a trustworthy babysitter to take care of their kids in their absence is most difficult. An ideal babysitter is one who’s reliable, warm, and affectionate to children. Parents also look for babysitters who are confident, welcoming, and able to communicate and connect with their little ones. It’s also best if they come in with a great deal of experience in handling kids and stressful situations. You’d be lucky to find many if not all of these qualities in one babysitter.

You may be able to spot some of these qualities with the way they answer your interview questions or how they conduct themselves during the trial process.


What Are the 3 Telltale Signs of an Inexperienced Babysitter?

Taking care of babies and toddlers can be very demanding. As a parent, you might have also encountered certain situations that were extremely difficult for you, such as your two-year-old’s manic tantrums. Try to imagine a complete stranger showing patience to such a child.

Finding the right babysitter may take some time and a bit of trial and error. If you need help in recognizing the red flags of an inexperienced babysitter, Kids Car Donations is here to give you a head start.

1. Your child acts differently after spending time with the babysitter.

Observe how your kids behave in the presence and absence of their babysitter. Try to check for any sudden changes in behavior or attitude.

For instance, if all of a sudden, your child becomes clingy, doesn’t smile as much than before you hired the babysitter, gets sleepy or complains of hunger often – these are all red flags that you shouldn’t ignore. If you sense that your kid is uncomfortable with their babysitter, then you need to find another person to take care of your child.

2. They’re easily frustrated or distracted.

A good and experienced babysitter should be comfortable and engaged when they spend time with their young wards. The best candidate is someone who doesn’t easily get frustrated or distracted and have a sunny disposition. You can tell if they’re inexperienced when they seem distant, irritable, or hesitant whenever they’re around your kids.

When you’re interviewing them, try asking them to provide you with examples of how they resolved challenging situations involving children in the past. This will give you an idea if they’re fit for the job or not.

3. They don’t ask questions or they ask too many questions.

It’s not unusual for potential babysitters to ask questions because they have an area of weakness, which is quite normal. However, when the questions they ask are all about the basics of babysitting, it’s wise not to hire them. For instance, a person who’s supposed to take care of your baby should have some knowledge about infant care.

Conversely, someone who comes in as a know-it-all and doesn’t ask questions isn’t a good sign either. Remember that each child is unique and has needs that are different from those of others. A good babysitter would ask you questions about how you want them to handle your children.

Your child’s safety is your primary concern. While you can always find many recommended services, it’s still wise to be guided by these top 3 signs of an inexperienced babysitter.


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