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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Food

How You Can Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

One of the most important things parents need to do to keep their kids healthy is making sure they eat the right food. Since little children are often picky eaters, it’s crucial for parents to start training them to eat healthy at a young age. Sure, it might be a bit difficult at first, but once your kids have gotten used to the habit, they’ll definitely be glad that you raised them in a healthy environment.

Here are seven ways of encouraging your children to eat healthy foods:

1. Set a good example.

Children tend to mimic whatever their parents do. If healthy eating is part of your daily routine, expect them to do the same. Instead of forcing them to eat healthy foods, just be a good role model by choosing foods rich in nutrients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to include cheat meals from time to time!

2. Keep healthy foods readily available.

Since you or your spouse couldn’t be at home all the time, make sure that you leave healthy goodies for your kids. Always keep a bowl of fruits on your dining table and a pitcher of naturally processed juice before you leave the house.

3. Don’t rush your kids.

Changing your kids’ eating habits requires persistence and patience. You’ll need to introduce new foods slowly to your little ones. If they don’t like a particular taste, tell them that their taste buds may need more time to get used to the flavor. It’ll eventually work, trust us!

4. Avoid restrictions.

Banning certain foods is a huge no-no when it comes to feeding young kids. In fact, it can possibly cause your children to develop bulimia or anorexia later on as they grow older. Rather than placing restrictions, talk about the long-term benefits of foods such as whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, and, of course, vegetables.

5. Compliment them.

Kids really love it when their parents appreciate them. Let your children know how proud you are of them for their food choices. The more you praise them, the more motivated they will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. Don’t be a ‘food enforcer.’

As much as possible, don’t berate your children for their not-so-healthy choices. Instead, suggest a healthier alternative. For instance, if you see them munching on potato chips, offer them baked tortilla chips and salsa, and for battered fish, you can easily swap that with a plate of fish fillet.

7. Use dips and condiments.

Parents know very well that kids aren’t huge fans of vegetables. If your son or daughter has always despised the taste of broccoli, carrots, or any other veggies, try experimenting with condiments, dips, and salad dressings. Be sure to choose those with natural ingredients.

There you have it! Remember, it may take a while before your kids can stick to a healthy eating regime. Just keep on motivating them, and they will eventually learn to love eating healthy foods.


Build Hope for Children in Need

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In return, your vehicle donation will earn you tax incentives by way of the 100% tax-deductible receipt that we’ll give you after we sell your vehicle at auction. By turning over your clunker to us, you’ll also avoid the hassles associated with selling your vehicle yourself, save the money intended for car insurance, registration, and repairs, and get free pickup and towing services as well.

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You can make your car donation by filling out our secure online donation form or calling us directly. We accept almost all types of vehicles regardless of their age or condition, which means we accept even vehicles that are no longer in good running condition. We also accept vehicle donations anywhere in the United States since we have vehicle donation programs in all 50 states.

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