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Expecting a Baby Soon? Here are the 7 Top Nursery Trends in 2019!

Expecting a Baby Soon? Here are 8 Nursery Trends in 2019

Setting up a cute and cozy nursery is one of the things expectant parents look forward to before the arrival of their baby. It’s like the first present they could ever give to their newest family addition, and perhaps the most special one.

Perhaps, you and your spouse are having a baby on the way, that’s why you’re here. Of course, you want only the best for your little bundle of joy. We’d definitely love to help you come up with a nursery room that any child would be so lucky to have. Here are 8 nursery trends in 2019:

1. Moody tones

If you’re a fan of vintage floral and pastel colors, this room might just be the inspiration you need. One simply can’t go wrong with the attractive mix of mauve, sage green, and plum!

Moody Tones Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: Project Nursery

2. Geometric walls

Keep it sophisticated yet simple with this neutral-themed nursery. With the geometric wallpaper, don’t be surprised to learn about your kid’s fondness for shapes and patterns in the future.

Geometric Walls Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: Project Nursery

3. Modern chic

Got a thing for glamorous fashion? Check out this finely designed nursery room that looks fit for a celebrity baby. The furniture pieces are absolutely eye-catching!

Modern Chic Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: DecorPad

4. A touch of nature

You don’t have to bring your little one outside to appreciate the beauty of nature. Instead, place several natural decors in their room. Beautify the room with flower stands, hemp fibers, natural-fiber storage bins, and colorful wreaths.

A Touch of Nature Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: Etsy

5. Monochromatic

There’s just something about the monochrome concept that makes it appealing to just about anyone. How about letting your kid jump on the bandwagon by decorating the baby room with nothing but the colors white, black, and gray?

Monochromatic Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: freshome

6. Safari-themed room

Whether it’s a huge portrait of a dog hanging on the wall, a mound of animal stuffed toys, or a wallpaper with prints of cartoon bunnies, any nursery room would look so great with animals.

Safari-Themed Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: Project Nursery

7. Flower power

Little girls sure do love flowers, don’t they? If you’re expecting a daughter, or you just recently welcomed one, you may want to use this gorgeous concept for her room. Can it get any girlier than a nursery with classic floral wallpaper and an enormous flower-shaped mat?

Flower Power Nursery | Kids Car Donations
Source: Project Nursery

8. Rustic farmhouse

Give your child a feel of the farm life with this farmhouse-inspired baby room. All you need is to put on some layers of whites and blacks, natural plants and woods, unconventional elements, and there you go!

Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Design | Kids Car Donations
Source: Taryn Whiteaker


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