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7 Surprising Facts About Mickey Mouse

7 Surprising Facts About Mickey Mouse’s History

For over nine decades, his upbeat personality and his goofy laugh have been putting smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike. His very image has been the stuff of childhood dreams for so long that for most of us, it’s difficult to remember a time he wasn’t there. We’re talking about the lovable iconic critter whose smiling face and big round ears adorn almost every inch of the Disney theme parks around the world – Mickey Mouse!

Mickey has defined Disney’s financial success, and his status as an international pop culture icon has enabled his image to generate big business. You name it – from Mickey Mouse-inspired clothing lines to a box of tissues with his face on it to Mickey Mouse Band-Aids! Needless to say, Disney’s attempts to build empires with Mickey’s image have proved to be a huge success.


7 Surprising Facts about Mickey Mouse’s History You May Not Know

There’s going to be a huge party in the House of Mouse as our favorite mascot turns 91 years old on November 18! Kids Car Donations celebrates his birthday by sharing these seven surprising facts about Mickey Mouse’s history:

1. He was supposed to be a rabbit.

Do you remember Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Walt Disney made this character before he created Mickey. However, he eventually lost the rights to Oswald in a dispute with a business partner at Universal. Oswald inspired the birth of Mickey Mouse. In fact, you won’t miss the resemblance.

2. His name was supposed to be Mortimer.

Mickey was originally going to be named Mortimer. However, Walt’s wife, Lillian, thought that Mickey sounded better.

3. Walt Disney didn’t want him to have 5 digits.

Thinking that five fingers on Mickey’s hand were “too many for a mouse” and would look like “a bunch of bananas,” Disney decided to give him four fingers instead. As a result, according to Disney, the studio saved millions of dollars because of the lack of an extra finger in each of Mickey’s 45,000 drawings that make up a six-and-a-half-minute film.

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4. His first words were ‘hot dogs!’

Although Mickey laughed and squealed in his first eight films, he never said a word until his ninth film “The Karnival Kid” in 1929 when he exclaimed, “hot dogs!” before he did his hot dog dance.

5. His club turned kids into stars.

Thanks to the revival of the 1950s Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake both got their big career breaks.

6. He hasn’t taken his gloves off since 1929.

Mickey wore his signature white gloves for the first time in “The Opry House” in 1929, and he hasn’t taken them off since.

7. Mickey’s married.

Although Disney said that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse got married, there was never a wedding on screen. Interestingly, Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, the longtime voices of Mickey and Minnie, were also married to each other for 18 years.


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