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3 Practical Ways To Build A Life of Tolerance

3 Practical Ways to Build a Life of Tolerance

You’ll probably agree that the last thing our world needs is another hater who is intolerant of any view that doesn’t agree with their own. Sadly, whether we admit it or not, many people have lost the ability to live and let live. These people are driven by intolerance that causes them to lash out against anything that does not conform to their taste.

Whenever intolerance rears its ugly head, violence, injustice, and all other manifestations of evil usually follow suit. We tend to forget that with billions of people from different cultures living on our planet, differences of opinion can only be expected. If we deny this obvious fact and refuse to be tolerant of other people’s views and way of life, we will never be at peace.

Now that the International Day for Tolerance (November 16) is just around the corner, the United Nations encourages everyone – regardless of their nationality, gender, culture, sexual preference, educational attainment, socio-economic background or religious belief – to put an end to all the hate and judgmental attitude. The sooner we get over our intolerance, the sooner we can go about making our lives better.


What Is Tolerance?

If you’re not so sure about what tolerance means, it’s simply the ability to deal with the disagreeable. Think about it as the skill that everyone needs to live together peacefully.

Furthermore, tolerance creates a society where individuals – along with their ideas, thoughts, and dreams – are valued and respected. Tolerance is a fundamental aspect of a safe, healthy, and livable society where people thrive as they pursue common objectives beneficial to all.


What Are the 4 Practical Ways to Build a Life of Tolerance?

If we want to bring healing to our broken communities, cultivating a spirit of tolerance is definitely a must. Doing so will not only create a safer and more peaceful world, but it will also protect the future of our children.

Kids Car Donations has compiled these three practical ways to build a life of tolerance:

  • Control yourself – not others.

Never seek to impose your will and your reality on others. When you fiercely reject their stand on certain issues and insist that only your own views matter, you set yourself up for a life full of conflicts with the people in your home, school, workplace, or community. If you don’t want to be that person that everybody else wants to avoid, don’t control other people – control yourself.

  • Respect the opinions of others – even if they’re different from yours.

It’s good to control yourself, your words, and your actions when you’re dealing with people who don’t share your views. However, we challenge you to take one step further by developing an attitude of acceptance and respect toward people whose views are different from yours. This doesn’t mean that you should turn your back on your own views. It just means that you want to show them that you value their thoughts even if you don’t agree with them.

  • Teach your children about tolerance.

You can teach tolerance to kids by setting a good example for them. Since children are more likely to imitate what adults do, they’ll learn to demonstrate kindness toward a classmate or a friend who has a different nationality, religion, or culture.


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