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10 Autumn Equinox Myths You Probably Thought Were True

Debunk Those Misconceptions about This September 22nd Event

There’s no better time than September 22nd to bust the common misconceptions about the autumn equinox. Why? Well, this is the date when the celestial event takes place this year.

With that said, here are 10 myths about the fall equinox that many people often mistake as factual:

Myth #1: It’s just like a sunset.

We hate to break it to you, but the autumn equinox is far from being a sunset or a moonrise that everyone can witness in their respective time zones. It’s a celestial event that takes place at a specific date and time once a year.

Myth #2: Our shadows disappear.

The disappearing shadow has always been a favorite topic among some people when they start talking about the equinox. The idea is that because the sun travels over your head on this day, you won’t be able to see your shadow anymore. Unless you’re exactly at the equator, this remains a myth.

Myth #3: Balancing an egg is possible.

Like the disappearing shadow, being able to balance an egg during the equinox is another myth that has been going around for ages. Considering that you can balance an egg at any day, as long as you have the patience and maybe years of practice, it is indeed nothing but another misconception.

Myth #4: It’s related to the Earth’s spin.

Despite what most believe, the autumnal equinox has no connection with the Earth spinning on its axis. Instead, the event takes place when the Sun crosses over the celestial equator.

Myth #5: Everyone has a 12-hour day and night.

The truth is that not everyone gets the evenly split 12-hour night and 12-hour day as the equinox promises. Most areas in the Northern Hemisphere will still have a longer day than night.

Myth #6: We can’t predict the actual day.

Yes, we can! The autumn equinox usually happens in the Northern Hemisphere on the 22nd or 23rd of September (or 21st and 24th in rare instances), depending on the time zone of your area. If you’re wondering about the difference, it’s because the Gregorian calendar defines a year as 365 days. However, it takes 365 and 1/4 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun, resulting in the date change of the annual celestial event.

Myth #7: It marks the halfway point in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

As with the Earth’s spin, the autumnal equinox has nothing to do with marking a halfway point in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. An orbit is a continuous cycle, which means there’s no such thing as a halfway point.

Myth #8: It’s a religious event.

While people from some cultures follow traditions revolving around the equinox, it’s not a religious event. An astronomical event is what it is. Then again, we can’t blame those people who have their own perspectives, huh?

Myth #9: It’s an all-day event.

If you’ve always thought that the fall equinox is a whole-day thing, well, you’ve been thinking it wrong this entire time. The equinox only happens as soon as the Sun passes over the equator. This year, you will encounter it at 9:45 p.m. Eastern time, or 6:45 p.m. if you live on the West Coast.

Myth #10: It’s synonymous with the solstice.

The terms “equinox” and “solstice” are not interchangeable. Sure, both may be related to the Earth’s tilted axis, but they mean two different things. An equinox happens when the Sun passes directly over the equator. On the other hand, a solstice occurs when one pole of the Earth is closest to the Sun.


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